AQUACRETE® SHIELD is a two part compound specially modified during the reaction between Epichlorohydrin and Bisphenol A at an intermediate stage. This is used to form a seamless waterproof membrane on roof and other surface. Moreover, as per client’s requirement this may be designed so that it sets under water and after reaction this provides a tough, flexible and durable water proof coating. High chemical and corrosion resistance, good mechanical and thermal properties, outstanding adhesion to various substrates, low shrinkage upon cure, good electrical properties and ability to be processed under a variety of conditions are the main characteristics. This has been used in much kind of waterproof applications and found best results.
Such as surface coatings, roof garden, damp protection and even to stop water leakage through concrete (by pressure grouting.) To prepare high-performance AQUACRETE® SHIELD , we synthesized polymeric net works with a liquid-crystalline polymeric order.
1) Water proof durable coating
2) Can be applied on wet surface and will be cured within 24 hours.
3) This can be used in water tank inside for its non toxic property.
4) Ideal for swimming pool waterproofing.
5) Can be applied as white putty over the damp affected putty surface to stop seepage from unknown sources.
6 ) Surface cracks can be easily sealed due to its high strength and flexibility.
Mixing Ratio : part A 1kg: part B 1kg
Fresh water : 1 LT.
Solids : Content by weight 80%
Pot Life, (77 º F) : 1 hour
Cure times (77 º F) :24 hour
Dry to touch : 30-60 minutes
Recoat : after 24 hours

Gloss (60 degrees) 85-90
Pencil Hardness (ASTM D-3363) 2H
Adhesion to damp concrete (ASTM D-451) excellent after 48 hours
Impact Resistance (ASTM D-2794) Passes 120 inch-pound direct impact

MIXING- 1) Coating- Similar quantity of part A and part B should be taken by weight and mix it properly. Add slowly equal quantity water by weight (1:1:1) and stir it thoroughly to get the homogeneous mix. You can adjust water as diluent as per your requirement. To stop water leakage prepare a putty using part A and part B as recommended, do not add water in such case.
Shelf Life:
Part A & B: 12 months, in unopened condition.
Do not allow material to freeze , Store indoors at room temperature not exceeding 50ºC.

COVERAGE- Depends on the surface condition .normally 20-25 sqft per kg. after dilution with water as diluents in single coat over concrete surface.
Material handling safety data( MSDS)
This is non toxic and non hazardous. But if comes in contact with eye , immediately wash with sufficient water, if necessary seek doctor’s advice. To avoid this wear goggles for safety measure. Wear hand gloves ,but in contact with skin wash hands with soapy water.

AQUACRETE SHIELD is applied on the mother slab

AQUACRETE SHIELD used in Pressure Grouting


AQUACRETE SHIELD used in dome structure