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Our Story

A construction chemical manufacturing company was established in 1993 as WATERPROOFER (presently ANN WORLD). Trade mark registered brand name of the products are AQUACRETE , SYLOCON, TYLOTEC, CORDON, etc.

The company was established by cooperation of few eminent scientists, who had a vast experience in Polymer chemistry, Nano technology educated in Soviet Union, USA and holding portfolios in their field in different universities. Namely technical cooperation of Dr. Premomoy Ghosh, Dr. Niharendu Dey , Prof. R.S. Konar , Premankur Bhattacharya, Trinankur Bhattacharjee and many other scientists cooperated by their technical knowledge for the only interest to develop some new kind of construction chemicals. . This vision was initiated by Mr. Trinankur Bhattacharjee and Premankur Bhattacharya, their vision is producing non toxic market needful, ease of use and durable products in construction field, ultimately which were developed. That seed is now grown with advanced technologies and producing extraordinary grade of different construction chemicals which are environment friendly and durable. Premankur Bhattacharya invented an useful product from plastic garbage to construction chemical. Medias have published his invention in news papers and electronic media. ANN WORLD since been engaged in producing chemicals having a wide range of applications in diverse types of industries. They are precisely customised to perform specific functions during practical conditions of use. As a result, you can select the specific product that most suits the particular application you may have in mind. ANN WORLD stands out in the field of speciality chemicals because of its commitment to three aspects. Firstly, we take great pains to understand your expectations from the product in a given application. Secondly, we use a goal-oriented approach at our own R&D facilities to tailor the product features to perfection. Thirdly, our trained personnel help you during installation and application of the product at your site, so that you get the best performance out of it.
We often create a market demand by building new features into a product, which serve the needs of a variety of customers. ANN WORLD team of highly experienced and dedicated specialists assess your exact requirements and then translate these into the set of product features that would meet your requirements optimally. Modern equipment is used for synthesizing the products and testing them under the conditions simulating the most rigorous conditions of use.
Our products, besides scoring heavily on performance and ease of application, are also cost-effective, eco-friendly and safe for personnel who handle or use them. For these reasons, AQUACRETE® AND SYLOCON® are well-known and trusted name among many reputed organizations who are long-time users of our products.

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all construction sites open for visitors, with 24/7 video surveillance being conducted at all objects

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We have a team of specialists capable of maximizing the result and delivering the projects

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you can be 100% sure that it will be delivered right on time, within the set budget limits

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All aspects of the operations being transparent and clear for clients and partners

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WATERPROOFER was a holder of the ISO 9001:2008 certificate & manufacturer of ISI approved products, but ANN WORLD is 9001:2015 certified which commit us to maintain a quality management system conforming to this international standard and to follow the path of continual improvement. , our goal is not just meeting, but exceeding customer needs and expectations. We take pride to strive, not just for your satisfaction, but your constant delight. Now ANN WORLD is ISO 9001: 2015 certified and product quality is upgraded.