The Anticorrosive Primer Additive

This is a special type of commingled polymer based additive. This additive imparts additional strength and anticorrosive properties to any conventional metal primer. This property is achieved by simple mixing with any metal paint primer.

How Does it Function: - The commingled polymer encapsulates the oxide molecule of the primer. The surface tension is reduced and contraction results in the solidification of the entrapped mass in the gel pockets.. The gel pockets are adhered to each other and a series of the gel particles is dispersed as a suspension. This composite provides a di-electric primer coating on the surface, which inhibits the flow of electricity in cells of its surface, which makes the potential difference less than 200mv where corrosion risk is nil. The primer coating achieves alkali and acid resistant property, which helps not to corrode the metal in the related atmosphere. This is found effective to stop the corrosion problem in the aggressive environment.
Recommended dose: - 250 grams of CORDON is added to one litre of metal primer to achieve the relevant property.
Method of Application
Removal of rust from the surface preferably with OFF gel.
The surface must be dry before application.
Mix approx. 250-ml.of CORDON in one litre of metal primer and stir well to make the mix homogeneous. Uniform application is recommended. The dried primer coated surface is then painted by recommended paint.
Statutory Warning
The compound is flammable in the liquid state as it contains organic substance.
Keep away from fire. Do not smoke and do not bring naked flames a) near the stored material, during application until the surface is dry.
Keep container tightly closed when not in immediate use.
Control any accident fires using foam fire extinguisher